#4 “Rival City”

July 1, 2007 at 6:08 pm (Llama Trilogy)

Andy had just won the prize of 10,000 and the world class breed baby llama and he gave the trophy with the slender gem to Eric. All the llama lords and the alpaca brother Mick were happy because they grew another step closer to defeating the Twilight zone. Eric just got another baby llama born on his far and he was busy taking care of him. Chris and Peterson were training Mick to become a llama lord. Then there was news that a city called llama land was opening with tons of world class llamas. Eric didnt mind until people from llamaland came to llamaville and said it stinks. Then at the next llama show a competer from llama land won and rubbed it in llamavilles face. Then they became rivals and always competed then some llama land people even threatened llamaville. o thats when Eric traveled to the top of Guanga mountain to speak to the monks. The mnks said violence is not the answer. If they are planning to attack i will teach you magic as a self defence. Were over the last month Eric learned how to onduct magic. He learned so quick he gave the monks a llama and left. Eric returned and saw all the people of llama land coming to attack llamaville. He told of of the town that they were coming. They all prepared for a fight then Eric noticed that there was a Slender gem in the middle of llama land that wa there power source. Eric ran over there and had to fight Eter who was waiting for him. Eter was in control over all of the town and Eter was ready as Eric took a blow to the stomach. Eter cast a magic spell over Eric and Eter thought Eric could not escape because he did not know magic but he was wrong because Eric escaped and cast a spell over Eter. Eter escaped and right when he did Eric knocked Eter out and captured him. Then Eric ran and grabbed the sender gem and he is now another step closer to deafeating the twilight zone. Then all the people of llama land stopped attacking and ran back to their city, Llamaville and Llama land are still rivals but not attacking each other. Eric, Chris, Peterson, and mick are all happy and they just discovered a clue with all three slender gems and its amazing.

You have to wait till next time to see the clue or become a citizen so read “The training”

This is a ficticous story written by Eric B.


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Seven llamas of the apocolypse

July 1, 2007 at 2:03 am (Llama Trilogy)

This is the story of the seven llamas of the apocolpse. There were seven llamas Eric, Chris, Peterson, Bahama, Bob, Chuck, Jason, and John. They were the all powerful llamas training alpaca brothers to become apocolypse llamas. Then they heard that the six evil llama lords were coming to destroy llamaville. There was a raging war until there were millions of bad llamas and 2 of there llama lords left and 3 llamas of the apocolypse left. then it started to rain and all the bad llamas malfuntions because they were mechanical. Then the three llamas of the apocolypse made an apocolpse triangle and banished the bad llamas into the twilight zone,the dark underworld of llamas. The three remaining llamas are Eric, Chris, and Peterson who now make up the llama lords.

      There will be more storys that take after this one so I hope you enjoy them all.

       This is a ficticous story written by Eric B.

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The 4 Peruvian Llamas

July 1, 2007 at 12:59 am (Legends, Stories, and Peruvian Llama Series)

Once there were 4 llamas. There name were Zack, Chris, Mick, and Doogie. They travel through the mountains and have events happen. Last time evil llama girls attacked them, but the Peruvian llamas kidnapped the leader, and told her she has to stop bothering them to be free. That is what she did and the Peruvian llamas won.

            The next tale in this series will come out July 10th ( they will be longer this was just a preview

                                                                          this series will be wrote by Chris S

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#3 “The show”

June 30, 2007 at 11:18 pm (Llama Trilogy)

After Eric , Chris, Peterson, and Mick fought off the Twilight zone there was a big parade for them. They recieved many gifts and encouragements. A rich man even gave a Eric a baby llama that was born on his farm. Eric took care of this llama in his farm. Eric breeds some of the best world class llamas and llma milk. Chris produces many too, so does Peterson and Mick breeds well but not world class. Coming up was The world class invitational with the best breeders around competeing for a worldclass bread baby llama, $10,000, and a trophy. Eric wasnt going to compete this year because he had to find the other slender gems. Then Eric realized that there was a slender gem inside of the trophy. They had to compete towin that trophy. So all 4 of them tried to produce the best llamas they could. Then one day they here rumors that a man had just had an ultra rare green llama. If this was true then that man would win for sure. So Mick went investigating to see if this rumor was true. It was true mick saw the baby llama being fed its milk it was very delicate. There are 6 colors of llamas White, Black, Brown, Red, Tricolored, and Green(green is not a real color of llama all the others are). Green is the rarest color and are rarely seen. Mick went back to the farm to tell them about the green llama. They all tried to think of a way that they could beat him. Then they thought that they might be able to buy it off of him. So they all went to talk to him when they got there he was gone. they all wondered why he was gone. so they waited until the next day and he was still gone where could he have gone?Eric searched around town and could not find him or his llama, the competitoin was in two days were could he be?They waited for a while and Eric went out by himself to Andy’s, the farmer with the green llama, farm to search around. He was about to leave when he accidently knocked over a magnetic ball and stopped on impact he wondered. He then rolled a magnetic ball and it stopped at the same spot. It hit the ground and the wood broke as he found there was a metal hatch under the wood. He went down and found Andy tied up. Eric let him go and asked Andy why he was tied up. Andy said,”A dark person came and said that he needed to win a slender gem since he just lost one”. Eric then new that it was Eter who did it. Eric said,”We must get your green llama back or Eter will win one of the slender Gems”. Eter then came and closed the door on them so they could not get out. Eric could not break through it either because it was hard metal. The next day was the show and Chris, Mick, and Peterson were wondering where Eric was so they went looking. They then looked at Andy’s farm because the llama show was in 5 minutes. They saw the metal hatch and opened it up as Eric and Andy ran as fast as they could to the llama show without any llama. They were almost there but the show wa just starting as they closed the gates and Eric climbed the gates jumped over the security guards and ran. He ran out into the middle of the field and saw Eter in a disguise with the green llama. eric ran up and unmasked Eter has there was a dead silence. As Eter threw a punch as Eric doged it threw a counter punch and knocked out eter as he dissappearred. Andy came rushing in and took his llama and thanked Eric. Andy ended up winning the show and in return for Erics help he gave Eric the slender gem.

This is a ficticious story written by Eric B.

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Sequel to Seven llamas of the apocolypse ”Twilight Zone”

June 30, 2007 at 7:42 pm (Llama Trilogy)

After the war over llamaville there were only three llama lords left Eric, Chris, and Peterson. They were living happily rebuilding the town of llamaville and the llama lords were teaching Alpaca Brothers. There arent many alpaca brothers, our newest one is Mick,If you want to become an alpaca brother read “The training”, Well back to the story. Eric, Chris, and Peterson live in a big house in the middle of llamaville were underneath it is one of the biggest llama farms known to man. They produce world class llamas and llama milk. Then one day someone noticed that there was a darkness with black lines shooting through it. All the people of llamaville were afraid that it might be the twilight zone. The next day it was so close and they could not let it get near the town so the three llama lords and the alpaca brother Mick went into the twilight zone to try to stop it when they were in there it was very dangerous when they saw a dark figure moving through the darkness. All the lords and brothers got out there weapons in prepare for a fight the thing came closer. They all kept a steady guard and then they saw the creature it was hideous creature that they eventually came to call an Alyssa. It crawls quickley on the ground and has sharp claws. The llama lords fought it off and it was gone forever the twilight zone was moving quickly and they didnt have much time left. They journeyed farther in when they saw him. He was the ruler of the twilight zone he was Eter. then Eric noticed that in Eter crown was one of the seven slender gems that could stop the twilight zone. so they had to get his crown. Eter was alone but he had many fiercesome powers. Eter through a magic bolt Eric drew is sword and took on Eter in a sword fight and Chris Peterson and Mick joined in to. Eric threw a shot that hit Eter leaned down to a side in pain. As Eric and Chris both pulled of his Crown as the twilight zone dissappeared with Eter. The town was saved as They grew one step closer to defeating the Twilight zone.

     This is a ficticious story written by Eric B.

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June 30, 2007 at 2:25 am (Legends, Stories, and Peruvian Llama Series)

This is a Peruvian legend about a llama and a man. One day a man was feeding his llama, but the llama would not eat. The man thought the llama needed finer grass , so he took the llama to a another place to graze. ” WE MUST LEAVE!” , shouted the llama. “There is a flood coming to us, and we must go to the hill, mamauncho”. The man and his family left to go to mamauncho. On the way, they got numerous animals to follow them. Finally, they got there, and they were saved by this little special llama. This legend is still told today.

                                                             This was read in school with Danny K. and Chris S. 

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