#3 “The show”

June 30, 2007 at 11:18 pm (Llama Trilogy)

After Eric , Chris, Peterson, and Mick fought off the Twilight zone there was a big parade for them. They recieved many gifts and encouragements. A rich man even gave a Eric a baby llama that was born on his farm. Eric took care of this llama in his farm. Eric breeds some of the best world class llamas and llma milk. Chris produces many too, so does Peterson and Mick breeds well but not world class. Coming up was The world class invitational with the best breeders around competeing for a worldclass bread baby llama, $10,000, and a trophy. Eric wasnt going to compete this year because he had to find the other slender gems. Then Eric realized that there was a slender gem inside of the trophy. They had to compete towin that trophy. So all 4 of them tried to produce the best llamas they could. Then one day they here rumors that a man had just had an ultra rare green llama. If this was true then that man would win for sure. So Mick went investigating to see if this rumor was true. It was true mick saw the baby llama being fed its milk it was very delicate. There are 6 colors of llamas White, Black, Brown, Red, Tricolored, and Green(green is not a real color of llama all the others are). Green is the rarest color and are rarely seen. Mick went back to the farm to tell them about the green llama. They all tried to think of a way that they could beat him. Then they thought that they might be able to buy it off of him. So they all went to talk to him when they got there he was gone. they all wondered why he was gone. so they waited until the next day and he was still gone where could he have gone?Eric searched around town and could not find him or his llama, the competitoin was in two days were could he be?They waited for a while and Eric went out by himself to Andy’s, the farmer with the green llama, farm to search around. He was about to leave when he accidently knocked over a magnetic ball and stopped on impact he wondered. He then rolled a magnetic ball and it stopped at the same spot. It hit the ground and the wood broke as he found there was a metal hatch under the wood. He went down and found Andy tied up. Eric let him go and asked Andy why he was tied up. Andy said,”A dark person came and said that he needed to win a slender gem since he just lost one”. Eric then new that it was Eter who did it. Eric said,”We must get your green llama back or Eter will win one of the slender Gems”. Eter then came and closed the door on them so they could not get out. Eric could not break through it either because it was hard metal. The next day was the show and Chris, Mick, and Peterson were wondering where Eric was so they went looking. They then looked at Andy’s farm because the llama show was in 5 minutes. They saw the metal hatch and opened it up as Eric and Andy ran as fast as they could to the llama show without any llama. They were almost there but the show wa just starting as they closed the gates and Eric climbed the gates jumped over the security guards and ran. He ran out into the middle of the field and saw Eter in a disguise with the green llama. eric ran up and unmasked Eter has there was a dead silence. As Eter threw a punch as Eric doged it threw a counter punch and knocked out eter as he dissappearred. Andy came rushing in and took his llama and thanked Eric. Andy ended up winning the show and in return for Erics help he gave Eric the slender gem.

This is a ficticious story written by Eric B.


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