Sequel to Seven llamas of the apocolypse ”Twilight Zone”

June 30, 2007 at 7:42 pm (Llama Trilogy)

After the war over llamaville there were only three llama lords left Eric, Chris, and Peterson. They were living happily rebuilding the town of llamaville and the llama lords were teaching Alpaca Brothers. There arent many alpaca brothers, our newest one is Mick,If you want to become an alpaca brother read “The training”, Well back to the story. Eric, Chris, and Peterson live in a big house in the middle of llamaville were underneath it is one of the biggest llama farms known to man. They produce world class llamas and llama milk. Then one day someone noticed that there was a darkness with black lines shooting through it. All the people of llamaville were afraid that it might be the twilight zone. The next day it was so close and they could not let it get near the town so the three llama lords and the alpaca brother Mick went into the twilight zone to try to stop it when they were in there it was very dangerous when they saw a dark figure moving through the darkness. All the lords and brothers got out there weapons in prepare for a fight the thing came closer. They all kept a steady guard and then they saw the creature it was hideous creature that they eventually came to call an Alyssa. It crawls quickley on the ground and has sharp claws. The llama lords fought it off and it was gone forever the twilight zone was moving quickly and they didnt have much time left. They journeyed farther in when they saw him. He was the ruler of the twilight zone he was Eter. then Eric noticed that in Eter crown was one of the seven slender gems that could stop the twilight zone. so they had to get his crown. Eter was alone but he had many fiercesome powers. Eter through a magic bolt Eric drew is sword and took on Eter in a sword fight and Chris Peterson and Mick joined in to. Eric threw a shot that hit Eter leaned down to a side in pain. As Eric and Chris both pulled of his Crown as the twilight zone dissappeared with Eter. The town was saved as They grew one step closer to defeating the Twilight zone.

     This is a ficticious story written by Eric B.


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