#4 “Rival City”

July 1, 2007 at 6:08 pm (Llama Trilogy)

Andy had just won the prize of 10,000 and the world class breed baby llama and he gave the trophy with the slender gem to Eric. All the llama lords and the alpaca brother Mick were happy because they grew another step closer to defeating the Twilight zone. Eric just got another baby llama born on his far and he was busy taking care of him. Chris and Peterson were training Mick to become a llama lord. Then there was news that a city called llama land was opening with tons of world class llamas. Eric didnt mind until people from llamaland came to llamaville and said it stinks. Then at the next llama show a competer from llama land won and rubbed it in llamavilles face. Then they became rivals and always competed then some llama land people even threatened llamaville. o thats when Eric traveled to the top of Guanga mountain to speak to the monks. The mnks said violence is not the answer. If they are planning to attack i will teach you magic as a self defence. Were over the last month Eric learned how to onduct magic. He learned so quick he gave the monks a llama and left. Eric returned and saw all the people of llama land coming to attack llamaville. He told of of the town that they were coming. They all prepared for a fight then Eric noticed that there was a Slender gem in the middle of llama land that wa there power source. Eric ran over there and had to fight Eter who was waiting for him. Eter was in control over all of the town and Eter was ready as Eric took a blow to the stomach. Eter cast a magic spell over Eric and Eter thought Eric could not escape because he did not know magic but he was wrong because Eric escaped and cast a spell over Eter. Eter escaped and right when he did Eric knocked Eter out and captured him. Then Eric ran and grabbed the sender gem and he is now another step closer to deafeating the twilight zone. Then all the people of llama land stopped attacking and ran back to their city, Llamaville and Llama land are still rivals but not attacking each other. Eric, Chris, Peterson, and mick are all happy and they just discovered a clue with all three slender gems and its amazing.

You have to wait till next time to see the clue or become a citizen so read “The training”

This is a ficticous story written by Eric B.


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