Seven llamas of the apocolypse

July 1, 2007 at 2:03 am (Llama Trilogy)

This is the story of the seven llamas of the apocolpse. There were seven llamas Eric, Chris, Peterson, Bahama, Bob, Chuck, Jason, and John. They were the all powerful llamas training alpaca brothers to become apocolypse llamas. Then they heard that the six evil llama lords were coming to destroy llamaville. There was a raging war until there were millions of bad llamas and 2 of there llama lords left and 3 llamas of the apocolypse left. then it started to rain and all the bad llamas malfuntions because they were mechanical. Then the three llamas of the apocolypse made an apocolpse triangle and banished the bad llamas into the twilight zone,the dark underworld of llamas. The three remaining llamas are Eric, Chris, and Peterson who now make up the llama lords.

      There will be more storys that take after this one so I hope you enjoy them all.

       This is a ficticous story written by Eric B.


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