The 4 Peruvian Llamas

July 1, 2007 at 12:59 am (Legends, Stories, and Peruvian Llama Series)

Once there were 4 llamas. There name were Zack, Chris, Mick, and Doogie. They travel through the mountains and have events happen. Last time evil llama girls attacked them, but the Peruvian llamas kidnapped the leader, and told her she has to stop bothering them to be free. That is what she did and the Peruvian llamas won.

            The next tale in this series will come out July 10th ( they will be longer this was just a preview

                                                                          this series will be wrote by Chris S


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June 30, 2007 at 2:25 am (Legends, Stories, and Peruvian Llama Series)

This is a Peruvian legend about a llama and a man. One day a man was feeding his llama, but the llama would not eat. The man thought the llama needed finer grass , so he took the llama to a another place to graze. ” WE MUST LEAVE!” , shouted the llama. “There is a flood coming to us, and we must go to the hill, mamauncho”. The man and his family left to go to mamauncho. On the way, they got numerous animals to follow them. Finally, they got there, and they were saved by this little special llama. This legend is still told today.

                                                             This was read in school with Danny K. and Chris S. 

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